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The Reflective Art of Rajyoga Meditation with easy steps to practice! (Video embedded)

Meditation and Divine Connections

In the world, the atmosphere today is increasingly heavy. Circumstances are such that we at times feel, there is something not quite right or maybe a lot there is not right. Considering things on the personal front, professional balance, social presence, or maybe when it comes to maintaining relations. I believe we often experience a lack of satisfaction. In our modern world, the pace of life is growing faster and we are losing touch with our true inner peace and power. When we no longer feel grounded, we can experience ourselves pushed and pulled in many different directions. Though subtle, there is a sort of desire to seek the truth.

Maybe it is time now to take a break, maybe time wants us to retake, maybe we now need to build up our emotional strength and resilience, maybe we need to rethink, or maybe it is time to make a move! But the question is HOW?

Today many are talking about yoga and meditation. The yoga asanas or physical exercises are for the body. They help relax and keep the body healthy. But I believe the mind needs something else to ease and unwind. The yoga that we’re going to discuss is not physical. It is spiritual or maybe psychological and is for our emotional well-being.

Rajyoga meditation is all about knowing the self, making a connection with the self and the divine, and utilizing the outcomes in our day-to-day life. It is a journey inwards.

Many believe that meditation is a stage where the mind becomes thoughtless. But in my opinion that is difficult to start with.
Imagine a vehicle is running at a speed of 100 km/hr on a busy traffic road and it suddenly needs to be stopped. Brakes are applied with all the power. What happens next? The vehicle will end up bumping into something. Correct?
Similar is the mind. It is on continuous running mode, active even when we go off to sleep. And then when forceful brakes are applied, the mind starts suppressing thoughts, and that in return causes frustration, disturbance, lack of attention and affects physical and emotional health.

There is a deep connection between consciousness, attitude, and vision. Whatever is in your attitude will be reflected in your vision and whatever is in your thoughts will come out through your words. I believe it is not possible to say something without thinking!

Rajyoga meditation is about giving a direction to thoughts. Instead of forcing the mind to stop thinking, we can start by replacing thoughts. Replacing the waste and negative thoughts with positive and optimistic affirmations.
I believe meditation is a state of being in a place just beyond everyday consciousness, which is where emotional empowerment begins. It is the time taken for quiet reflections and silence away from the hustle and bustle of daily living.

Let’s get going

Step I: Knowing the Self!
There is a search for the answer to the question ‘Who am I?’. People answer it by mentioning their name, some refer to the body or there are various other answers! We have discussed it in our article named Stars twinkle on earth too! that we are souls wrapped in skin. It is the soul that controls the body. The soul resides at the center of the forehead between the eyebrows.

Step II: Knowing the nature of the soul and sticking to the essence of one’s own qualities!
Each and every individual we meet is a soul first and then the body. Every soul is naturally, originally peaceful, blissful, pure, and powerful. The essence of one’s own qualities is magical and it enriches the being. Once we practice being in this stage, we gradually start discovering our true selves.

Step III: To become a detached observer!
Gradually, after realizing and focusing on the true self, things happening outside do not disturb the mind anymore. Mind sort of starts experiencing the tranquility and inner calm. And eventually, we start enjoying this state of silence and become a detached observer.

Step IV: Connecting to the divine!
We souls are like uncharged batteries or maybe like depleted sources of energy. To recharge ourselves we need to connect ourselves to the powerhouse i.e. Supreme Soul. Connecting to the supreme divinity is easy and serene. I being a point of light, the soul, my father above is also a point of light, the Supreme soul.
The difference is he is full of powers, full of light, full of bliss, full of calm, he is full of everything I need. His remembrance in true form is nothing but a connection with him. This remembrance brings along God’s pure love, power, and immense peace.

Step V: Using the received powers in every deed!
To consistently remain blissful or for a successful deed, we have to be able to use divine powers while in our daily life. This comes with practice. Gradually the mind starts accepting and it naturally goes in the state of remembrance of who you are and what powers lie within you. This state of remembrance brings the change and radiates positivity and bliss around.

Experiences in short:
We at Ride Through Thoughts have been practicing Rajyoga Meditation and it has beautiful effects. From personal experience, Rajyoga Meditation makes me feel that there is true magic within. It has helped me unveil my true self and made me feel the essence of true consciousness. While bringing the energies into action brought a change in my life the daily practice uplifted me. Positive affirmations have elevated me and motivated me to be more creative and efficiently utilize inner skills. Rajyoga meditation helps in maintaining calm even when situations are tough. It eventually has changed my perception and has made me realize that nothing in the outer world can disturb my inner peace without my permission. Ending it with a hope that you’ll learn too after all ‘You are special and it all starts with YOU’!

We have embedded a video ( @ridethroughthoughts creation) for ease of understanding and it also includes a Just-a-minute meditation commentary. Do watch, like, comment, subscribe, and share.
For more videos do visit our YouTube channel Ride Through Thoughts.
Also, share your opinions on meditation and if you are already practicing do share your experiences in the comments.
Thank you! Stay Elevated!

Rajyoga Meditation – Ride Through Thoughts

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