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Twinkle or Wrinkle?

It dawned a pleasant, overcast day. Birds were cheerfully chirping while Susan opened the window allowing in a cool, fragrant, morning breeze. When she looked out, she noticed a new small tent shop at the corner of the street. The florist there was busy arranging the flowers. But she noticed something different on the florist’s face. The florist was an old lady and was smiling blissfully while doing her work.

Susan immediately received a message that her request for a new bicycle could not be processed and hence cannot be delivered. She went towards the window and sat there depressed. The florist there again caught Susan’s attention. This time there was a customer and the old lady was beaming and happily giving flowers to the customer. It felt as if she was blessing the customer and wished him a good day.

Immediately there was a sudden downpour of rain. Till the time Susan reached her balcony, all the dried clothes got rained on. She felt annoyed and irritated. The old lady was sheltering her flowers but she didn’t stop twinkling. Susan gazed at the old lady and felt as if she was beaming with delight.

Susan received a phone call from her manager complaining about the work not completed. This aggravated Susan’s temper and she got even more frustrated. While down on the street, a stray dog was tampering with the tent. The florist lovingly gave food to the dog and continued to smile.

Little situations bothered Susan a lot and she got angry. But, looking at the old day, Susan’s mind started questioning and thinking as to how can the old lady be so calm, patient, happy, and glee all the time? Susan took an umbrella and went to meet the old lady. As she went closer, Susan noticed the old lady was very beautiful and had pretty eyes too.
Their dialogue :

Susan: Hello! Is it the first day of your shop?

Florist: No. It was in the lane next to this one. There is some construction going on and so I had to shift.

Susan: Isn’t there anyone else in your family who can earn?

Florist: No. I live with my grandson and he is too young to earn.

Susan: I am looking at you for 3 hours now, how are you so twinkling? I mean what makes you smile?

Florist: Oh! Young Lady! (with a Laugh) Smile is not dependent on anything. If there is contentment within, your smile becomes natural. Isn’t it?

Susan: But the situations of life, the people? They create a mess and make you sad and worried. Don’t they? Don’t they bother you?

Florist: Over the years, I have learned that people or situations will not always be in my favor. I can’t control them. I decide for myself. No matter what, I choose to be happy!

Susan: Is that the secret behind your beauty? (With a smile)

Florist: Aahh!! (With a chuckle) Learn to live life your way. If you worry a lot you do get wrinkles. My dear either you can twinkle or have a wrinkle! (Laugh)

Be Happy, no matter what.
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