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The Dazzling Diamond!πŸ’Ž

It is difficult, right? Difficult and tough to handle daily stress and worries. Complex and hard to understand and adjust with people. It is not easy to gather tolerance for the suddenly arose situation. And all this is strenuous to the mind, isn’t it? Do you feel broken at times? Do you feel life hits you hard sometimes? If yes, then keep reading!πŸ™‚

What if someone says, everything that you are going through is not to bother or punish you but to carve you? Yess! Yes, you are a hidden diamond in charcoal and all this is just to make you shine brighter.
The stress you encounter is only a process of giving you an elegant design. The pain you feel is to fill you with strong emotional resilience. It is for you to endure with great fortitude. The problems you face are to sharpen your edges so that you stand firm, fearless and invincible.

The twists and turns you experience are for you to reflect brighter and to aid enlightenment. If you feel betrayed or deceived just remember, that the cut of a diamond is extremely important because it decides the diamond’s reflection level. If you feel you are being filtered remember, that it is to bring clarity to your mind and that will make you ingenious.

The next time when you feel low, remind yourself that you are a precious pearl, rare and beautiful. You are divine, pure, and innocent. Let your nature be crystal clear. Keep encouraging the aspect of truth and trust. Don’t forget that you possess the brilliance of a Diamond. Shine and Sparkle.

The fire of the diamond of true identity is always there; it just needs the Master’s crafting to reveal it.

Kenneth G. Mills

And God is crafting us well! Do share your thoughts.
Thank you and Keep Shining🌟

20 thoughts on “The Dazzling Diamond!πŸ’Ž

  1. Very convincing indeed. We may minimise facing stressful situations but not completely escape from it. So when under stress the virtues of endurance and fortitude will surely transform us into better human beings.
    Regards and cheers πŸ˜€πŸ‘

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  2. Most of us know this philosophy of problems sharpening and sculpting you, but the way this write up is written delivers a jolt to the soul. One actually feels the zest to smile at the face of troubles and let the metamorphosis happen. Great writing!

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  3. A truly inspiring post. It is the struggle to break out of the cocoon that strengthens the butterflies wings, giving it the ability to fly. Our struggles make us hard and able to take on all challenges. Take care.

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