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The Holy Swan!

Hey all,
Today we wish to share a short poetry. It includes virtues of a Swan and what we as humans can learn from them. Hope you all will like it.

Purity in thoughts, words and deeds,
Serenity and calmness is all that the mind needs.
White being the color of Peace,
The Swan makes the moment cease!

Embodiment of Love and Devotion,
Our relations require more satisfaction.
Is my heart honest and clean,
Or there lies dust in between!

Possessing the powers of recognition and discernment,
For that is to decide the level of contentment.
Putting aside the pebbles of defects,
Am to pick the pearls of goodness!

Patience, energy and protection,
Preparing the self for beautiful transformation.
Ripple causing movements in water,
Negative Karma ought to alter!

Cooperation, grace and beauty,
Am to imbibe the power of fidelity.
These virtues are for me to adorn,
Only then will I become a Holy Swan!

Do share your thoughts!

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