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The Divine Canopy!

Kabir woke up with the chirping of a morning bird outside his window. It was a pleasantly cool morning with winters just around the corner. The glorious sun was peeking over the horizon and it was now time for Kabir’s morning meditation. Kabir took out his yoga mat and headed towards the nearby garden. On his way, the butterflies accompanied him and felt like he was blowing in the breeze. He selected a quiet place where surrounding him were tulips in the garden and soon started meditating.

While visualizing the self as a soul, a point of light, shining at the center of the forehead, a soft wind blew and he felt rays of peace reaching out to him from above. The composure in his thoughts made him content from inside. Just then, a slightly pointed thought pricked his calmness. ‘Can I maintain my elevated stage throughout my day?’ Kabir thought to himself.
The delighted fragrance of tulips was quick enough and answered, ‘Yes! Why not?’
‘But how? There is so much in a hectic day!’, thought Kabir as if asking the question to the cheerful, cloudless sky.

He could now sense rays of bright light full of knowledge, as if carrying an answer, touching him deep within.
‘What if it rains when you are out?’ asked the gently falling leaf.
‘I open an umbrella!’, thought Kabir.
‘Just do that then! Create a divine invisible canopy over your head and carry it along throughout your day.’, collectively whispered a flock of flying birds.
A now joyful Kabir opened his eyes to check the time. Since there was time still, he decided to continue with his meditation.

This time visualizing rays of God’s remembrance, Kabir started shaping the canopy. He soon created a canopy of magical light with these rays. With a feeling of freshness and stability, he opened his eyes.
On his way back home, he felt as if he had a companion along, someone who is protecting him.

After a while, Kabir was all set for the day and prepared to leave for work. He was surprised to see the car’s flat tyre and got irritated. He quickly booked a cab and while angrily waiting for its arrival, looked up and wondered, ‘I thought you would protect me!’. Keeping in mind the distance between his home and office location, Kabir was running late.
Soon the cab arrived. While Kabir was lost in his thoughts of incomplete files at work, the cab driver took a turn for the long route. When Kabir realized that he was not on his regular track, he got furious and scolded the driver.

Kabir reached the office at 9:56 am and quickly punched his attendance. He noticed the absence of his colleague Karan and thought he must be in the Manager’s room discussing work. And soon then the Manager came furiously and said, ‘I want you and Karan in my room now!’
Kabir went to the Manager’s room alone since Karan was yet to reach the office. 15 mins later, Karan came hurriedly gasping. The Manager admonished Karan for arriving late at work and assigned him some additional tasks for the day.

‘Where were you?’ asked Kabir.
‘In a traffic jam near the bridge! There is some construction going on there! Btw which way did you come from?’ asked Karan.
‘I took a cab today and that fellow caught the different route.’ said Kabir.
‘Lucky You!’ said Karan.
Just then, Kabir realized the divine canopy had worked for him. If his car had been fine, he would have also taken the same way and he too would have got stuck in the traffic jam. But things were different for him.
The magical, unnoticeable canopy kept him safe.

In the hustle and bustle of life, we often leave certain things overlooked. We are very quick to react to unfavorable conditions but are very slow at recognizing God’s hidden motive behind it. God is always ready with help; all we need to do is make him our companion. He will keep us shielded and secure under his divine canopy.
The divine canopy is his love and affection. It is like a safety guard, a medium to feel God’s presence. And may be it is his secret way of being with his children all the time.
He may not change the direction of the storm but will surely help you sail through it!

Do share your experiences with God and his sudden support.
Stay under God’s divine canopy!
Do share your thoughts.

28 thoughts on “The Divine Canopy!

  1. Wow just wow… He may not change the direction of the storm but will surely help you sail through it! What a line Robert…loved the entire story!! Yeah i agree with you, we often het restless, impatience and irritated on certain things but we indeed realize very late that whatever happened was for a good reason… Great postπŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»β€οΈ

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