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Drizzling Divinity

Twittering on the veranda, birds whooped with joy,
Hooked in the beak 'hushed' clouds enveloped in grey.

A slight thunder clapped with the silver painted sky,
and early bliss downpoured awakening the soul as a pie.

Swirling breeze tip-toed dewy petrichor into a barren heart,
where freshness bloomed a lush of pure, delightful art.

Dangling plants in my green gallery soaked with a pleasant shower,
With Eternal Companion watching colored paper boats ambitiously streaming down far.

Drenched were twisted trees and leaves splashed in a roar,
Divine love from above embraced the core.

In favorite gumboots drizzles caressed the earth,
Cloaked in slicker holy blessings multi-million worth.

Mist blurred my glasses but brimmed the wisdom bowl,
Ahhh these mizzles! Mizzles washing away the dust on the Soul... 

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