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Drizzling Divinity

Twittering on the veranda, birds whooped with joy, Hooked in the beak ‘hushed’ clouds enveloped in grey. A slight thunder clapped with the silver painted sky, and early bliss downpoured awakening the soul as a pie. Swirling breeze tip-toed dewy petrichor into a barren heart, where freshness bloomed a lush of pure, delightful art. DanglingContinue reading “Drizzling Divinity”

Past Present Future

Somewhere, we are all involved in a game. The game of the past, present, and future. This game is ceaseless and perpetual. Often, we have thoughts either of the past event or of the present situation or maybe of the time which is yet to arrive. The mind is busy playing this game and keepsContinue reading “Past Present Future”

The Divine Canopy!

Kabir woke up with the chirping of a morning bird outside his window. It was a pleasantly cool morning with winters just around the corner. The glorious sun was peeking over the horizon and it was now time for Kabir’s morning meditation. Kabir took out his yoga mat and headed towards the nearby garden. OnContinue reading “The Divine Canopy!”