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Aspect of Identity

What is the dominant aspect of a person’s identity? How do you want yourself to be known? Often when we form perceptions about others on what parameters do we create their image (identity) in our mind?

No matter how beautiful an appearance one has, no matter what all does one possess materialistically, it is one’s way of conduct that ultimately matters and leaves a perpetual impression.

Taking for example:
An indigent person who could hardly complete his graduation but is eminently wise and humble will be more welcomed than a morally bankrupt person having excellent academic qualifications!
A wage-earning kind personality with an aim to feed the orphans is far more valuable than a wealthy person who owns an excellent and majestic bungalow but has his parents in an old age home!

Demeanor may include goodness or wickedness and hence form an identity likewise. It is the deportment that makes one rich or poor, it is the behavior that makes one pleasing or disconcerting.
It is virtues or vices that can make one a pearl or a pebble!

You are the one framing your identity.
Be sagacious enough!
Do share your thoughts.

Stars twinkle on Earth too!

Weekend LongReads!!! Hope you’ll enjoy!

Today, in the era of Information technology, gadgets are connecting us within seconds, there are spacecraft with successful landings on various planets, there are submarines to take us deep down, but is there any mechanism for Self-Realization? Today, when there is data on the cloud, there are human footprints on the moon, and we are strikingly aware of things around us, are we Self-Aware?

In search of the true identity of the self, I came across many definitions proposed by various philosophers and experts. They have different opinions and perspectives. But when perused carefully I found their researches have one thing in common that is LIGHT. Also many have proposed that it is a concept based on one’s experience. Thus I decided to explore it. While exploring an aphorism grabbed my attention it says,

We are stars wrapped in skin- the light you are seeking has always been within.” -Rumi

The very idea that I am a luminous star captured my interest and gave me comfort. The inner star is known by many different names. A few call it light or the soul, while some refer to it as divine energy. Many entitle it as the inner being or an invisible power. Ultimately it is a dazzling form of Light.
The color of this radiant light is gleaming white. According to basic sciences, white light when passes through a prism, it gets dispersed into component colors forming a visible spectrum. Also, a rainbow appears when water droplets break white sunlight into the colors of the spectrum. Similar to the seven colors in a rainbow (इंद्रधनुष के सात रंग), seven notes in music (संगीत के सात सुर) there are seven colors in the inner gleaming light. Each color signifies a different virtue. The inner light has virtues like peace, purity, bliss, happiness, love, knowledge, and power.
Virtues of the soul – ७ मौलिक गुण (Click to know more)

Ride Through Thoughts – Seven Virtues of the Soul

Qualities of a normal candle include its fresh fragrance, a dose of warmth, and illumination. It has religious significance as well. I believe the qualities of the inner light are very similar to that of a candle.
Purity is implicit to the soul. Purity not only means being clean and tidy but also refers to goodness in thoughts, words, and actions. The inner dazzling star is righteous and unalloyed. They say Purity is the pride of man. This is because conscience in a man is originally uncontaminated and angelic. The one who is ethical in thoughts, words, and actions is believed to be a man of great persona. This awareness impulsively spreads fragrance full of moral values and can even inspire others to be the same.

Lighting a candle for rituals marks peace. The inner light is also peaceful and tranquil. Peace comes in when there is harmony. Some might refer to harmony as good relations or harmony among nations. But I believe enduring peace is harmony with ourselves i.e. we try to accept things the way they are. At times people and situations may be out of my control. They might not necessarily work according to me. That is a turbulent time and probably the right time to check whether I am in harmony with myself. State of mind at that moment of chaos might help in deciding whether or not we are dependent on people or physical (outer) things for peace.

Often, when we sit at the seashore, all alone, away from frenzied city noise and watch the waves and hear the surf, we do experience silence. Serenity around fills us with calm. It feels good. But what there makes us question-less and confusion-free? It is actually the inner being. When it is left alone with nature, it reveals its original form, resulting in solitude and immense peace. This experience determines that peace is intrinsic to the soul, making the inner being independent, undisturbed, irrespective of matter around. Gradually this state of independence brings harmony with the inner self, helping to improve and change the outer world. Thus we remain at ease with peace.

“Warmth of love is enough to enlighten one’s heart, Like a candle’s flame is enough to lighten a room.”

The loving nature of the inner being is similar to the warmth of a candle.
While sprinkling cologne, firstly we get a whiff of perfume, and later its fragrance enters into the air. Affection is also a type of cologne. Love with the self is essential for us to love people around too. But today, in the world, there is a call for unconditional true love, that can come with unconditional acceptance. When I possess knowledge that I am a point of light, it becomes easy for me to recognize others as light too. We often judge people by their normal (day to day) habits, possessions, status symbols, the color of the skin, looks, or appearance. Unconditional acceptance is when the focus shifts from physical materialistic belongings to intrinsic virtues of the star.
Following the wrong and assuming we accept them unconditionally, is not what I mean. Unconditional love is righteous, pure, and comforting such that it can guide one through the right path. Only then one can become a true guiding light.

The kindness of the sun is not hidden either. It rises and brings in new ambition, positivism, and spreads bliss all around. From the early morning energetic Surya Namaskars to marking the end of darkness, the sun continues to radiate hope. The rays of the sun open windows for knowledge and wisdom. The inner luminous is as happy as the morning sun.

What is it that humans always desire or wish for? It is Happiness and Bliss. The ultimate goal behind every deed is to be happy. We only can desire what we actually once had. When we forgot our true identity, we started searching for pleasure outside. We thought that the materialistic world gives pleasure. We became dependent on everyone else for delight. But happiness is contentment and has something to do with the self. When deep within you are content and satisfied with whatever you have, you become optimistic towards life and start enjoying life in all its forms.
Being content with what we have, does not mean to stop trying or stop working. It means attempting to achieve, work, and live with a happy state of mind.

“A wise man never loses anything, if he has himself.”
-Michel de Montaigne

I believe, the proverb somewhere hints to the inner wisdom being a valued possession of a man. Everyone today can differentiate between right and wrong, good and bad. Even a thief knows that stealing is wrong. A liar knows that truth will make its way out. In fact, the one who lies also expects others to speak the truth. Dust of unawareness of the self over the years has covered true wisdom. This makes people inclined to do ‘not so good’ deeds. Maybe it is time now to allow knowledge to clean the dirt and let the inner star shine again. Maybe it is time now to allow wisdom to overpower negativity and return to a bright wise self.

The rays of the Sun are considered to be useful and extremely powerful. Plants use sunlight for photosynthesis, animals use it for respiration, and in winter humans wish for warmth of the Sun. (The Sun indeed has a lot more to do.) The power of the inner light is similar to the powerful rays of the Sun. The inner power might help when we feel helpless. Maybe it is time to call out the inner forces and bring them into action. (Not referring to physical strength.) The flash within has beautiful powers including the power to tolerate, the power to decide, the power to resist, the power to cooperate, the power to wind-up and settle, the power to absorb, the power to test, and the power to summarize. Using the right powers at the right time requires a great deal of wisdom. The true identity of the self brings wisdom.
Eight powers of the soul – अष्ठ शक्तियाँ(Click to know more)

“O, Sunshine!
The most precious gold to be found on earth.”
-Roman Payne

Sunshine is considered to be as precious as gold maybe because it brings brightness, newness, and hope. What would earth be like without the Sun? We’d find ourselves in complete darkness. The absence of light means blackness. When I the being am unaware of myself then I am like a quenched candle in absolute darkness. Or maybe my world becomes the one without the sun. Over the years, we’ve become like extinguished sources of light, dependent on one and other. When a quenched candle cannot light-up another candle, how can a person in darkness give illumination to the other. One move from out-to-in, with the alertness of being awake, might remind of the inborn virtues of the self. The subtle thought of consciousness, an awareness that I am light, brings brightness and reminds me that peace is my original nature. The light which I was seeking in the outer world is within me and to be precise, it is me.

The inner being is peaceful, pure, blissful, happy, and glee. Its role is to radiate love, compassion, goodness all around. Its role is to help and give comfort to the needy through thoughts, words, and actions so that even others realize the self and light-up with joy. Self realization is liberation; The more you realize, the more you liberate. It is time now for us to awaken and make the earth a place full of twinkling stars.

We (@ridethroughthoughts) are new to blogging and have just shared a few of our thoughts and beliefs. In the time of virus, when there is chaos all around, the aim of this article was to make readers realize the self and find peace within. Hope it elevates your thoughts!
Did you find it useful? Was the article helpful?
Let us know in the comments and help us improve.
Also, if you relate to it and felt calm while reading please do share the link. Thank you!

The Holy Swan!

Hey all,
Today we wish to share a short poetry. It includes virtues of a Swan and what we as humans can learn from them. Hope you all will like it.

Purity in thoughts, words and deeds,
Serenity and calmness is all that the mind needs.
White being the color of Peace,
The Swan makes the moment cease!

Embodiment of Love and Devotion,
Our relations require more satisfaction.
Is my heart honest and clean,
Or there lies dust in between!

Possessing the powers of recognition and discernment,
For that is to decide the level of contentment.
Putting aside the pebbles of defects,
Am to pick the pearls of goodness!

Patience, energy and protection,
Preparing the self for beautiful transformation.
Ripple causing movements in water,
Negative Karma ought to alter!

Cooperation, grace and beauty,
Am to imbibe the power of fidelity.
These virtues are for me to adorn,
Only then will I become a Holy Swan!

Do share your thoughts!

Ideal Inspiration Blogger Award

Hey all,
We are glad to share that Ride Through Thoughts has received another award nomination. This time it is for the Ideal Inspiration Blogger Award and we are nominated by the Copypowerblog. It is an amazing blog full of wonderful write-ups and some really good and motivating content. With a tagline ‘Rise and Shine’, the blog brings new hope. Do visit the blog: Copypowerblog


  • Thank the person who has nominated you and provide a link back to his/her blog.
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Provide the link of the Award creator of Ideal Inspiration Blogger Award as Journey in his word

Questions and our answers:

  1. How do you see your Life?
    May sound a little out of track!😅
    Life is a beautiful Drama we believe! Where each individual plays his/her own role. We often practice being the best of ourselves so that our role in this Drama of Life becomes applaudable.👏
  2. Name one best thing about yourself
    Others will be able to answer it better!😅 But if we are to answer then the attitude, ‘We remain to be at ease with Peace’ helps us in tough times.🙂
  3. The best lesson learned from the pandemic/during the lockdown.
    It taught us a great lesson that there will be times when things outside will be out of control and maybe unfavorable. The only thing that will help us in remaining stable is our Inner Peace! So we aimed at enriching the self more during the lockdown.
  4. One such positive thought of yours that changed your life.
    Actually, there are many beliefs that contribute to changing the perspective towards life but a few from the favorite list are:
    ‘What manifests in the world is a reflection of our thoughts!’
    ‘We are stars wrapped in skin – The light you are seeking has always been within. – Rumi’

Our Questions:

  1. What does Happiness mean to you?
  2. Do you feel your deeds can inspire others? If yes, then how?
  3. How do you gather motivation?
  4. One thing from nature that brings you true joy!
  5. One thing in you that you would like to change!

Our Nominations:
Anyone who feels like answering the above-listed questions may take the nomination! Will like to read your answers!

Thank you!🙂

Sunshine Blogger Award

Hey all,
Ride Through Thoughts has received its first nomination for the Sunshine Blogger Award by Astha Srivastava. Astha is gifted with an amazing talent of penning down poetries with a touch of inspiration and joy. She has wonderful thoughts and her art of writing appears to be dipped in Wisdom. She enjoys writing and has a great blog. Do visit her blog – Writing Feels Good
Thank-you Astha for the nomination.


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Questions and our(team) answers:

1) Do you have siblings ? What are you like about them ?
Yes all of us @ridethroughthoughts do. Some of us like it when they listen to us, some of us have responsible and yet naughty siblings!

2) who is your favourite actor and why ?
If we are to answer one then Indian actor Ayushman Khurana. Because he is a fine actor and also has good writing skills.

3) what type of music you like ?
That depends on the state of mind but Ambient music is all time favourite.

4) Have you ever feel demotivated ? When ? How you handle yourself in that situation ?
Yes! Honestly there are certain times when life pulls you back. But we believe that it is our thoughts that matter in any situation. Accepting the present and yet working hard towards the goal is what the mantra is. Meditation helps in enduring tough times with fortitude.

5) your favourite Inspirational character? Describe ?
That will be a cartoon character ‘Kiteretsu Daihyakka’. His wonderful science inventions, polite and kind attitude are really admirable. The way he handles problems and his curiosity towards learning something new is truly inspiring. Also, like it when he travels in time!

Our Questions:

  1. What does sunshine mean to you?
  2. What inspires you the most?
  3. Are there any type of thoughts that pop up in your mind frequently? If yes, what do you think is the reason behind it?
  4. What are your opinions about the phrase ‘Reflect on Life’ ?
  5. Do you spend some time with yourself? If yes, then how?

Our Nominations:

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Will love to read your answers as well!
Thankyou! Keep Shining!

Lotus in the Pond!

Sun was about to set, after wrapping up his daily assignment, George decided to leave a little early. His stress made him tired and frustrated. He drove the car to the pond on the outskirts of the city only to get a better view of the spectacular sunset and to release his stress.

He sat on the grass, gazing at the tranquil and gorgeous sun. The birds were melodiously chirping. The sky was slowly turning crimson as the sun neared the horizon.
A man with a long beard and cowboy hat arrived and sat next to George. George greeted the man and asked him whether the brilliantly red and orange sky released his stress too? The man nodded and replied, “I am here for something more!”

Their dialogue:
George: What else are you here for?

Man: Didn’t you notice the charming pink lotus in the pond?

George: I did, but it is all in the mud! What is so special about it? You are here for the lotus! (jokingly)

Man: I am here not only to release my stress and feel good only for the moment but also to admire the rosiest lotus closely. I am here to take its traits along so that I feel good always. I wish to become like the magnificent Lotus.

George: What? How can you become a Lotus?

Man: If you observe closely, It is not all in the mud! It is held by its roots in the mud while the loveful, fragrant flower blooms above the dirty water. It never allows the dirt to settle over and spoil its beauty.

George: That is so natural, right? Nothing special!

Man: We humans also often come across a negative environment. Sometimes at work, when a few colleagues intend to pull us back or sometimes at home when things are not our way!

George: Hold On! That is so true! Many times I feel like smashing things in anger. I do get influenced by people and sometimes it is their negativity attacking me. How do I cope with it? (curiously)

Man: That is what I am here for. I am here to remind myself that I am like the ecstatic, genuine Lotus flower. Detached from the negativity outside, I am pure and blissful. I will look at people, respect them as human beings and individuals. I have to understand their point of view. I will not let myself be moved from my position of inner stability. The divine Lotus flower gives me a lot of inspiration, you see!

George: Wow! Highly elevating! Lotus is also considered a symbol of purity and spiritual enlightenment. It is most emblematic of the faith within ourselves.

Man: That is because the beautiful flower has a fascinating will to live. I believe its characteristics are something that we humans should embrace in our lives. My dear friend, be like a Lotus flower!

George: Thank you! I feel much more relieved and relaxed! I am gonna practice it for sure.

Be like a Lotus flower.
Do share your thoughts.
Thank you and keep blooming!