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Drizzling Divinity

Twittering on the veranda, birds whooped with joy, Hooked in the beak ‘hushed’ clouds enveloped in grey. A slight thunder clapped with the silver painted sky, and early bliss downpoured awakening the soul as a pie. Swirling breeze tip-toed dewy petrichor into a barren heart, where freshness bloomed a lush of pure, delightful art. DanglingContinue reading “Drizzling Divinity”

The Spiritual Firefly!

With little wings of exuberance and exaltation,Spreading around pleasure and aspiration.Like a carefree child with an aim to fly,I wish to be a Spiritual Firefly. With ideas sparkling and bright,Illuminating a glow of my mesmerizing light.Wanna remove chaotic darkness and then purify,I wish to be a Spiritual Firefly. Shining from within are my divine colors,DesireContinue reading “The Spiritual Firefly!”

The Holy Swan!

Hey all,Today we wish to share a short poetry. It includes virtues of a Swan and what we as humans can learn from them. Hope you all will like it. Purity in thoughts, words and deeds,Serenity and calmness is all that the mind needs.White being the color of Peace,The Swan makes the moment cease! EmbodimentContinue reading “The Holy Swan!”

Lotus in the Pond!

Sun was about to set, after wrapping up his daily assignment, George decided to leave a little early. His stress made him tired and frustrated. He drove the car to the pond on the outskirts of the city only to get a better view of the spectacular sunset and to release his stress. He satContinue reading “Lotus in the Pond!”