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Past Present Future

Somewhere, we are all involved in a game. The game of the past, present, and future. This game is ceaseless and perpetual. Often, we have thoughts either of the past event or of the present situation or maybe of the time which is yet to arrive. The mind is busy playing this game and keepsContinue reading “Past Present Future”

The Divine Canopy!

Kabir woke up with the chirping of a morning bird outside his window. It was a pleasantly cool morning with winters just around the corner. The glorious sun was peeking over the horizon and it was now time for Kabir’s morning meditation. Kabir took out his yoga mat and headed towards the nearby garden. OnContinue reading “The Divine Canopy!”

Power of Co-operation

The deadly virus pandemic not over though has already taught us a lot. A different aspect of humanity was witnessed during this time. What all cooperation was required by the needy we feel that was provided. Many people fed the poor, donated to charity, and, donated to the needy. Relief camps were also arranged. ThoughContinue reading “Power of Co-operation”

The Essence of Peace!

Hey all,Today as we observe The International Day of Peace (“World Peace Day”) we wish to share a short story (Writer: Anonymous) underlining the true meaning of Peace. We liked the story because it conveys a beautiful message and we felt like sharing it here. Hope you will like it too. There once lived aContinue reading “The Essence of Peace!”

Aspect of Identity

What is the dominant aspect of a person’s identity? How do you want yourself to be known? Often when we form perceptions about others on what parameters do we create their image (identity) in our mind? No matter how beautiful an appearance one has, no matter what all does one possess materialistically, it is one’sContinue reading “Aspect of Identity”

Ideal Inspiration Blogger Award

Hey all,We are glad to share that Ride Through Thoughts has received another award nomination. This time it is for the Ideal Inspiration Blogger Award and we are nominated by the Copypowerblog. It is an amazing blog full of wonderful write-ups and some really good and motivating content. With a tagline ‘Rise and Shine’, theContinue reading “Ideal Inspiration Blogger Award”

Sunshine Blogger Award

Hey all,Ride Through Thoughts has received its first nomination for the Sunshine Blogger Award by Astha Srivastava. Astha is gifted with an amazing talent of penning down poetries with a touch of inspiration and joy. She has wonderful thoughts and her art of writing appears to be dipped in Wisdom. She enjoys writing and hasContinue reading “Sunshine Blogger Award”

Liebster Award #1

Hey all,Ride Through Thoughts has received its first nomination for the Liebster Award by Dakshali Gupta. She is gifted with an amazing art of writing beautiful poetries which include inspiration with a touch of fantasy. Also she is very good at motivational subjects. Do visit her blog. Rules :1. Thank the blogger who has nominatedContinue reading “Liebster Award #1”

The Lost Happiness! How to remain Happy always?

Hey all,Today we are sharing a video which is our (@ridethroughthoughts) creation. It is all about the Happiness that we’ve lost somewhere. Ever encountered a situation where you have everything, but the inner you is demanding something else? Are you searching for everlasting Happiness? Do watch the video!Share your thoughts in the comments below.We hopeContinue reading “The Lost Happiness! How to remain Happy always?”