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Twinkle or Wrinkle?

It dawned a pleasant, overcast day. Birds were cheerfully chirping while Susan opened the window allowing in a cool, fragrant, morning breeze. When she looked out, she noticed a new small tent shop at the corner of the street. The florist there was busy arranging the flowers. But she noticed something different on the florist’sContinue reading “Twinkle or Wrinkle?”

The Humble Hummings!

Deep within you and me lies the true virtue of being humble. We appreciate it when someone behaves in a kind and polite manner. Ever wondered why? It is because humility is hidden under the layers of our ego. We always expect that people should give us a humble response! But do we give othersContinue reading “The Humble Hummings!”

Happiness is…?? (YouTube Video)

At times, we think Happiness is dependent on materialistic things! Often, when we desire to achieve something and fail to do it, we get depressed and worried. In this video, we’ve tried to slightly shift the concept of ‘Happiness being dependent on stuff’ to ‘Happiness being inner contentment’! Happiness is a state of mind thatContinue reading “Happiness is…?? (YouTube Video)”

Importance of Thoughts – YouTube Video

What manifests in the world is a reflection of our thoughts. It is said that Optimism is a driving force. We believe, optimism comes with thinking right! Each thought has energy with it, either positive or negative. It is hence important to think right. We are today sharing a YouTube link of our own channel.Continue reading “Importance of Thoughts – YouTube Video”