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Drizzling Divinity

Twittering on the veranda, birds whooped with joy, Hooked in the beak ‘hushed’ clouds enveloped in grey. A slight thunder clapped with the silver painted sky, and early bliss downpoured awakening the soul as a pie. Swirling breeze tip-toed dewy petrichor into a barren heart, where freshness bloomed a lush of pure, delightful art. DanglingContinue reading “Drizzling Divinity”

Lotus in the Pond!

Sun was about to set, after wrapping up his daily assignment, George decided to leave a little early. His stress made him tired and frustrated. He drove the car to the pond on the outskirts of the city only to get a better view of the spectacular sunset and to release his stress. He satContinue reading “Lotus in the Pond!”