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The Divine Canopy!

Kabir woke up with the chirping of a morning bird outside his window. It was a pleasantly cool morning with winters just around the corner. The glorious sun was peeking over the horizon and it was now time for Kabir’s morning meditation. Kabir took out his yoga mat and headed towards the nearby garden. OnContinue reading “The Divine Canopy!”

The Essence of Peace!

Hey all,Today as we observe The International Day of Peace (“World Peace Day”) we wish to share a short story (Writer: Anonymous) underlining the true meaning of Peace. We liked the story because it conveys a beautiful message and we felt like sharing it here. Hope you will like it too. There once lived aContinue reading “The Essence of Peace!”

Twinkle or Wrinkle?

It dawned a pleasant, overcast day. Birds were cheerfully chirping while Susan opened the window allowing in a cool, fragrant, morning breeze. When she looked out, she noticed a new small tent shop at the corner of the street. The florist there was busy arranging the flowers. But she noticed something different on the florist’sContinue reading “Twinkle or Wrinkle?”