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Knowing Yourself…

Amidst, the world full of technicalities,
The inner Aura is not at ease!!
Hectic schedules, busy timetables…
Day by day, achieving only different labels!

Adamantly, deciding to take a break,
Giving ourselves, a calm retake.
Calmly, taking a sip of Life,
Which is, a cupful and is rife.

Every new moment to be embraced,
Mind, no more to be paced.
Let yourself, go free…
Inner Aura, now overwhelmed and glee!!

Do what the core demands,
Putting aside, all the brands.
Let yourself, be the Real “YOU”,
Spreading, all around, the freshness flu.

Colorful vibes flowing out from you,
Changing the world, to peaceful and new.
Hold each moment firmly and tightly,
Live it, beautifully and sprightly!
Live it, to the max score…
For everyone to cheer, “Once more. Once more. Once more!!”

Charge yourself with positivity, patience and peace,
Preparing for every difficult piece.
Experience the beautiful change,
Sprinkle joy, love, bliss in every possible range!!

Shine in whatever you do, fly high,
Twinkle as the stars, in the mesmerizing night sky.
Overcome the troubles, make yourself a diamond shinning bright…
Just as the quiet Sea, shinning in the Moon Light.
Feel the change, inspire others, explore the magic in you,
Be the spark, stay Unique, be the Real “YOU”…

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