We believe
“What manifests in the world is a reflection of our thoughts!”

Ride Through Thoughts is all about powerful and positive affirmations. We intend to share knowledge and inspirations by the Brahma Kumaris organization. We are a part of the organization and have been practicing Rajayoga Meditation. We wish to share our experiences with it. Over the years, we’ve learned that thinking right is like a happy start for a good and successful deed. Good food for the mind is similar to a good diet for the body. The content that we post is nothing but food for thought. It is a journey inwards and starts with knowing yourself. Elevating the self starts from thinking right. 

Past Present Future

Somewhere, we are all involved in a game. The game of the past, present, and future. This game is ceaseless and perpetual. Often, we have thoughts either of the past event or of the present situation or maybe of the time which is yet to arrive. The mind is busy playing this game and keepsContinue reading “Past Present Future”


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