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Past Present Future

Somewhere, we are all involved in a game. The game of the past, present, and future. This game is ceaseless and perpetual. Often, we have thoughts either of the past event or of the present situation or maybe of the time which is yet to arrive. The mind is busy playing this game and keeps on running thoughts.
But sometimes, unknowingly these thoughts become a cause of disturbance for our state of mind. While wondering, about the ways to play this game with the mind differently, I found a technique to it.

Let the past be praiseworthy!
When the mind gets lost in the jungles of the past, it starts questioning as to Why, What, When, Which, and How. Instead of answering the never-ending questions of the mind, one must recall that whatever happened is past. It is over and cannot be changed. It happened because it was meant to be. Extract the good and bid adieu to the past happily.

Let your present be a present (gift)!
People do think that their presence in the world should make a difference. But how? We may not always receive success in bringing a revolution. The least we can do is to give the gift of love to all.
Looking at people with love, speaking words full of warmth, cooperating selflessly with love, feeling of affection towards people, good wishes deep from the heart can be a good gift of pure love.
So in the present, give presents full of love to others.

Let your features reveal the future!
We all wish and pray for a bright future for the self and the world.
Let our features convey the message of a pleasant future. Let your gleaming eyes disclose the secret of the future full of fortune. Let your bright and charming smile express hope in the future. Let your blissful relations with others showcase loyalty, unity, and support. Let your humble heart spill the beans about a trustworthy, peaceful, and content future world.

By playing this subtle game of the past, present, and future, with the mind, may elevate your thoughts and may enhance the way you deal with these three seasons. Instead of allowing the waste thoughts to enter our system, we can always keep channeling the mind towards the good. It adds to the zeal and enthusiasm in Life.
It brought a change in my way of living and I hope it brings a change to your life as well.

Keep playing!
Do share your thoughts.
Thank You!

20 thoughts on “Past Present Future

  1. Wonderful post.πŸ‘Œ Love to share my thoughts too.
    There should be no regret for the past. Present should be accepted as blessings where future yet to come..think positive and cultivate good habits to live the fullest.

    Liked by 1 person

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