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Drizzling Divinity

Twittering on the veranda, birds whooped with joy,
Hooked in the beak 'hushed' clouds enveloped in grey.

A slight thunder clapped with the silver painted sky,
and early bliss downpoured awakening the soul as a pie.

Swirling breeze tip-toed dewy petrichor into a barren heart,
where freshness bloomed a lush of pure, delightful art.

Dangling plants in my green gallery soaked with a pleasant shower,
With Eternal Companion watching colored paper boats ambitiously streaming down far.

Drenched were twisted trees and leaves splashed in a roar,
Divine love from above embraced the core.

In favorite gumboots drizzles caressed the earth,
Cloaked in slicker holy blessings multi-million worth.

Mist blurred my glasses but brimmed the wisdom bowl,
Ahhh these mizzles! Mizzles washing away the dust on the Soul... 


Past Present Future

Somewhere, we are all involved in a game. The game of the past, present, and future. This game is ceaseless and perpetual. Often, we have thoughts either of the past event or of the present situation or maybe of the time which is yet to arrive. The mind is busy playing this game and keeps on running thoughts.
But sometimes, unknowingly these thoughts become a cause of disturbance for our state of mind. While wondering, about the ways to play this game with the mind differently, I found a technique to it.

Let the past be praiseworthy!
When the mind gets lost in the jungles of the past, it starts questioning as to Why, What, When, Which, and How. Instead of answering the never-ending questions of the mind, one must recall that whatever happened is past. It is over and cannot be changed. It happened because it was meant to be. Extract the good and bid adieu to the past happily.

Let your present be a present (gift)!
People do think that their presence in the world should make a difference. But how? We may not always receive success in bringing a revolution. The least we can do is to give the gift of love to all.
Looking at people with love, speaking words full of warmth, cooperating selflessly with love, feeling of affection towards people, good wishes deep from the heart can be a good gift of pure love.
So in the present, give presents full of love to others.

Let your features reveal the future!
We all wish and pray for a bright future for the self and the world.
Let our features convey the message of a pleasant future. Let your gleaming eyes disclose the secret of the future full of fortune. Let your bright and charming smile express hope in the future. Let your blissful relations with others showcase loyalty, unity, and support. Let your humble heart spill the beans about a trustworthy, peaceful, and content future world.

By playing this subtle game of the past, present, and future, with the mind, may elevate your thoughts and may enhance the way you deal with these three seasons. Instead of allowing the waste thoughts to enter our system, we can always keep channeling the mind towards the good. It adds to the zeal and enthusiasm in Life.
It brought a change in my way of living and I hope it brings a change to your life as well.

Keep playing!
Do share your thoughts.
Thank You!


The Divine Canopy!

Kabir woke up with the chirping of a morning bird outside his window. It was a pleasantly cool morning with winters just around the corner. The glorious sun was peeking over the horizon and it was now time for Kabir’s morning meditation. Kabir took out his yoga mat and headed towards the nearby garden. On his way, the butterflies accompanied him and felt like he was blowing in the breeze. He selected a quiet place where surrounding him were tulips in the garden and soon started meditating.

While visualizing the self as a soul, a point of light, shining at the center of the forehead, a soft wind blew and he felt rays of peace reaching out to him from above. The composure in his thoughts made him content from inside. Just then, a slightly pointed thought pricked his calmness. ‘Can I maintain my elevated stage throughout my day?’ Kabir thought to himself.
The delighted fragrance of tulips was quick enough and answered, ‘Yes! Why not?’
‘But how? There is so much in a hectic day!’, thought Kabir as if asking the question to the cheerful, cloudless sky.

He could now sense rays of bright light full of knowledge, as if carrying an answer, touching him deep within.
‘What if it rains when you are out?’ asked the gently falling leaf.
‘I open an umbrella!’, thought Kabir.
‘Just do that then! Create a divine invisible canopy over your head and carry it along throughout your day.’, collectively whispered a flock of flying birds.
A now joyful Kabir opened his eyes to check the time. Since there was time still, he decided to continue with his meditation.

This time visualizing rays of God’s remembrance, Kabir started shaping the canopy. He soon created a canopy of magical light with these rays. With a feeling of freshness and stability, he opened his eyes.
On his way back home, he felt as if he had a companion along, someone who is protecting him.

After a while, Kabir was all set for the day and prepared to leave for work. He was surprised to see the car’s flat tyre and got irritated. He quickly booked a cab and while angrily waiting for its arrival, looked up and wondered, ‘I thought you would protect me!’. Keeping in mind the distance between his home and office location, Kabir was running late.
Soon the cab arrived. While Kabir was lost in his thoughts of incomplete files at work, the cab driver took a turn for the long route. When Kabir realized that he was not on his regular track, he got furious and scolded the driver.

Kabir reached the office at 9:56 am and quickly punched his attendance. He noticed the absence of his colleague Karan and thought he must be in the Manager’s room discussing work. And soon then the Manager came furiously and said, ‘I want you and Karan in my room now!’
Kabir went to the Manager’s room alone since Karan was yet to reach the office. 15 mins later, Karan came hurriedly gasping. The Manager admonished Karan for arriving late at work and assigned him some additional tasks for the day.

‘Where were you?’ asked Kabir.
‘In a traffic jam near the bridge! There is some construction going on there! Btw which way did you come from?’ asked Karan.
‘I took a cab today and that fellow caught the different route.’ said Kabir.
‘Lucky You!’ said Karan.
Just then, Kabir realized the divine canopy had worked for him. If his car had been fine, he would have also taken the same way and he too would have got stuck in the traffic jam. But things were different for him.
The magical, unnoticeable canopy kept him safe.

In the hustle and bustle of life, we often leave certain things overlooked. We are very quick to react to unfavorable conditions but are very slow at recognizing God’s hidden motive behind it. God is always ready with help; all we need to do is make him our companion. He will keep us shielded and secure under his divine canopy.
The divine canopy is his love and affection. It is like a safety guard, a medium to feel God’s presence. And may be it is his secret way of being with his children all the time.
He may not change the direction of the storm but will surely help you sail through it!

Do share your experiences with God and his sudden support.
Stay under God’s divine canopy!
Do share your thoughts.


The Spiritual Firefly!

With little wings of exuberance and exaltation,
Spreading around pleasure and aspiration.
Like a carefree child with an aim to fly,
I wish to be a Spiritual Firefly.

With ideas sparkling and bright,
Illuminating a glow of my mesmerizing light.
Wanna remove chaotic darkness and then purify,
I wish to be a Spiritual Firefly.

Shining from within are my divine colors,
Desire to paint the world and create wonders.
With euphoric magic, I wanna awaken and glorify,
I wish to be a Spiritual Firefly.

Secret messenger whispering in the night,
‘Strongly Believe’ conveys my blinking and gleaming light.
Cherishing and dancing under the starry sky,
I wish to be a Spiritual Firefly.

Chasing the summer sun with a curious smile,
Sprinkling delight in agony has to be my style.
Patience, freedom, inspiration are gonna help me fly high,
Coz, I truly wish to be a Spiritual Firefly.

How do you relate to the Firefly? Let us know in the comments.
Do share your thoughts.
Thank you!


Power of Co-operation

The deadly virus pandemic not over though has already taught us a lot. A different aspect of humanity was witnessed during this time. What all cooperation was required by the needy we feel that was provided. Many people fed the poor, donated to charity, and, donated to the needy. Relief camps were also arranged. Though socially distant, people came up in unity to fight this pandemic. The majority of the public stayed indoors for more than 6 months now to cooperate with the officials and to reduce danger. All these deeds brought a change and have helped many. Continuous efforts are still being made to eradicate this disease. Little are these efforts at some level but are commendable.

Service through actions was done and till now is being provided kindly. But we believe service is needed in all forms now i.e. through thoughts, words, and actions.

After a long time, a close friend called yesterday and his voice seemed tense. While we were discussing the current situation he suddenly sighed and on asking expressed his sorrow. He had recently lost his job and also one of his family members had tested positive for the virus. The environment in his house was heavy and that was noticeable through his voice. His mind wasn’t ready to accept positive words or hopeful statements.

What should be done in such a situation? There were running thoughts and then was this post planned. Fear of the disease and fear of the future are making it difficult for many to cope up emotionally. We believe, helping through deeds or words is not enough. It is time now to serve through thoughts. We believe what manifests in the world is a reflection of our thoughts. If service done in unity through actions can bring a change then our collective thoughts can make the impossible possible.

If each one of us decides to fill the mind with good thoughts and positive affirmations then this power of cooperation will reach out to the ones who need it. The power of cooperation is immense. It can heal, lead, create new hope, uplift, soothes, and can help remain safe. Positive affirmations if practiced daily, create an energetic aura around and this aura helps in remaining safe and secure. The aura created gets radiated and also has the power to uplift others around.
If we wish to help in improving the situation then the least we can do is ‘THINK GOOD’! We have listed a few positive affirmations at the end. Let us all daily practice a few affirmations and make this world a fort of safety free from viruses.
The power of cooperation makes the impossible possible and it is a fort of safety.

Positive Affirmations:

  • I am a powerful being
  • I am pure and peaceful
  • My immune system is good and strong
  • My body is strong and healthy
  • I am safe and secure
  • My family members are strong and safe
  • I am radiating this Positivity all around and it is healing the world
  • The world is now a fort of safety

Remember your each thought counts, think wisely.
Keep thinking good.
Keep spreading positive vibes.
Do share your thoughts.


The Essence of Peace!

Hey all,
Today as we observe The International Day of Peace (“World Peace Day”) we wish to share a short story (Writer: Anonymous) underlining the true meaning of Peace. We liked the story because it conveys a beautiful message and we felt like sharing it here.
Hope you will like it too.

There once lived a king who announced a prize for the artist who would paint the best painting depicting peace. Many great painters submitted several of their best art pieces to the king. One of the paintings among the various masterpieces was of a calm lake perfectly mirroring peacefully towering snow-capped mountains. Overheard was a clear blue sky with fluffy clouds. It looked like a perfect painting. Most of the onlookers found it the best among all.

But when the king announced the results, everyone was shocked. The painting that won the prize had mountains too, but it was rugged and bare. The sky in it appeared angry and there was lightning too. The painting wasn’t peaceful at all. It looked like the artist had mistakenly submitted his work. But when observed carefully, the painting had a tiny bush growing in the cracks between the rocks. In the bush, a mother bird had fabricated her nest. Amidst the rush of stormy weather, the bird sat on her nest Peacefully.

Peace does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise and trouble. It means to stay calm amidst the chaos. The true essence of peace is the state of mind and not the state of our surroundings. The mother bird remained tranquil in the adverse circumstances and thus the painting became a perfect illustration of Peace.

– Anonymous

There is chaos and a lot is going on in the world outside. We believe that our role is to stay calm and to be resilient in the face of adversities.
Remember that Peace begins with you. If there is peace within, there will be peace outside and around.
Let’s celebrate the day by spreading kindness, compassion, and hope in the face of the pandemic.
Let’s shape peace together!
Do share your thoughts.
Thank you!


Aspect of Identity

What is the dominant aspect of a person’s identity? How do you want yourself to be known? Often when we form perceptions about others on what parameters do we create their image (identity) in our mind?

No matter how beautiful an appearance one has, no matter what all does one possess materialistically, it is one’s way of conduct that ultimately matters and leaves a perpetual impression.

Taking for example:
An indigent person who could hardly complete his graduation but is eminently wise and humble will be more welcomed than a morally bankrupt person having excellent academic qualifications!
A wage-earning kind personality with an aim to feed the orphans is far more valuable than a wealthy person who owns an excellent and majestic bungalow but has his parents in an old age home!

Demeanor may include goodness or wickedness and hence form an identity likewise. It is the deportment that makes one rich or poor, it is the behavior that makes one pleasing or disconcerting.
It is virtues or vices that can make one a pearl or a pebble!

You are the one framing your identity.
Be sagacious enough!
Do share your thoughts.


Stars twinkle on Earth too!

Weekend LongReads!!! Hope you’ll enjoy!

Today, in the era of Information technology, gadgets are connecting us within seconds, there are spacecraft with successful landings on various planets, there are submarines to take us deep down, but is there any mechanism for Self-Realization? Today, when there is data on the cloud, there are human footprints on the moon, and we are strikingly aware of things around us, are we Self-Aware?

In search of the true identity of the self, I came across many definitions proposed by various philosophers and experts. They have different opinions and perspectives. But when perused carefully I found their researches have one thing in common that is LIGHT. Also many have proposed that it is a concept based on one’s experience. Thus I decided to explore it. While exploring an aphorism grabbed my attention it says,

We are stars wrapped in skin- the light you are seeking has always been within.” -Rumi

The very idea that I am a luminous star captured my interest and gave me comfort. The inner star is known by many different names. A few call it light or the soul, while some refer to it as divine energy. Many entitle it as the inner being or an invisible power. Ultimately it is a dazzling form of Light.
The color of this radiant light is gleaming white. According to basic sciences, white light when passes through a prism, it gets dispersed into component colors forming a visible spectrum. Also, a rainbow appears when water droplets break white sunlight into the colors of the spectrum. Similar to the seven colors in a rainbow (इंद्रधनुष के सात रंग), seven notes in music (संगीत के सात सुर) there are seven colors in the inner gleaming light. Each color signifies a different virtue. The inner light has virtues like peace, purity, bliss, happiness, love, knowledge, and power.
Virtues of the soul – ७ मौलिक गुण (Click to know more)

Ride Through Thoughts – Seven Virtues of the Soul

Qualities of a normal candle include its fresh fragrance, a dose of warmth, and illumination. It has religious significance as well. I believe the qualities of the inner light are very similar to that of a candle.
Purity is implicit to the soul. Purity not only means being clean and tidy but also refers to goodness in thoughts, words, and actions. The inner dazzling star is righteous and unalloyed. They say Purity is the pride of man. This is because conscience in a man is originally uncontaminated and angelic. The one who is ethical in thoughts, words, and actions is believed to be a man of great persona. This awareness impulsively spreads fragrance full of moral values and can even inspire others to be the same.

Lighting a candle for rituals marks peace. The inner light is also peaceful and tranquil. Peace comes in when there is harmony. Some might refer to harmony as good relations or harmony among nations. But I believe enduring peace is harmony with ourselves i.e. we try to accept things the way they are. At times people and situations may be out of my control. They might not necessarily work according to me. That is a turbulent time and probably the right time to check whether I am in harmony with myself. State of mind at that moment of chaos might help in deciding whether or not we are dependent on people or physical (outer) things for peace.

Often, when we sit at the seashore, all alone, away from frenzied city noise and watch the waves and hear the surf, we do experience silence. Serenity around fills us with calm. It feels good. But what there makes us question-less and confusion-free? It is actually the inner being. When it is left alone with nature, it reveals its original form, resulting in solitude and immense peace. This experience determines that peace is intrinsic to the soul, making the inner being independent, undisturbed, irrespective of matter around. Gradually this state of independence brings harmony with the inner self, helping to improve and change the outer world. Thus we remain at ease with peace.

“Warmth of love is enough to enlighten one’s heart, Like a candle’s flame is enough to lighten a room.”

The loving nature of the inner being is similar to the warmth of a candle.
While sprinkling cologne, firstly we get a whiff of perfume, and later its fragrance enters into the air. Affection is also a type of cologne. Love with the self is essential for us to love people around too. But today, in the world, there is a call for unconditional true love, that can come with unconditional acceptance. When I possess knowledge that I am a point of light, it becomes easy for me to recognize others as light too. We often judge people by their normal (day to day) habits, possessions, status symbols, the color of the skin, looks, or appearance. Unconditional acceptance is when the focus shifts from physical materialistic belongings to intrinsic virtues of the star.
Following the wrong and assuming we accept them unconditionally, is not what I mean. Unconditional love is righteous, pure, and comforting such that it can guide one through the right path. Only then one can become a true guiding light.

The kindness of the sun is not hidden either. It rises and brings in new ambition, positivism, and spreads bliss all around. From the early morning energetic Surya Namaskars to marking the end of darkness, the sun continues to radiate hope. The rays of the sun open windows for knowledge and wisdom. The inner luminous is as happy as the morning sun.

What is it that humans always desire or wish for? It is Happiness and Bliss. The ultimate goal behind every deed is to be happy. We only can desire what we actually once had. When we forgot our true identity, we started searching for pleasure outside. We thought that the materialistic world gives pleasure. We became dependent on everyone else for delight. But happiness is contentment and has something to do with the self. When deep within you are content and satisfied with whatever you have, you become optimistic towards life and start enjoying life in all its forms.
Being content with what we have, does not mean to stop trying or stop working. It means attempting to achieve, work, and live with a happy state of mind.

“A wise man never loses anything, if he has himself.”
-Michel de Montaigne

I believe, the proverb somewhere hints to the inner wisdom being a valued possession of a man. Everyone today can differentiate between right and wrong, good and bad. Even a thief knows that stealing is wrong. A liar knows that truth will make its way out. In fact, the one who lies also expects others to speak the truth. Dust of unawareness of the self over the years has covered true wisdom. This makes people inclined to do ‘not so good’ deeds. Maybe it is time now to allow knowledge to clean the dirt and let the inner star shine again. Maybe it is time now to allow wisdom to overpower negativity and return to a bright wise self.

The rays of the Sun are considered to be useful and extremely powerful. Plants use sunlight for photosynthesis, animals use it for respiration, and in winter humans wish for warmth of the Sun. (The Sun indeed has a lot more to do.) The power of the inner light is similar to the powerful rays of the Sun. The inner power might help when we feel helpless. Maybe it is time to call out the inner forces and bring them into action. (Not referring to physical strength.) The flash within has beautiful powers including the power to tolerate, the power to decide, the power to resist, the power to cooperate, the power to wind-up and settle, the power to absorb, the power to test, and the power to summarize. Using the right powers at the right time requires a great deal of wisdom. The true identity of the self brings wisdom.
Eight powers of the soul – अष्ठ शक्तियाँ(Click to know more)

“O, Sunshine!
The most precious gold to be found on earth.”
-Roman Payne

Sunshine is considered to be as precious as gold maybe because it brings brightness, newness, and hope. What would earth be like without the Sun? We’d find ourselves in complete darkness. The absence of light means blackness. When I the being am unaware of myself then I am like a quenched candle in absolute darkness. Or maybe my world becomes the one without the sun. Over the years, we’ve become like extinguished sources of light, dependent on one and other. When a quenched candle cannot light-up another candle, how can a person in darkness give illumination to the other. One move from out-to-in, with the alertness of being awake, might remind of the inborn virtues of the self. The subtle thought of consciousness, an awareness that I am light, brings brightness and reminds me that peace is my original nature. The light which I was seeking in the outer world is within me and to be precise, it is me.

The inner being is peaceful, pure, blissful, happy, and glee. Its role is to radiate love, compassion, goodness all around. Its role is to help and give comfort to the needy through thoughts, words, and actions so that even others realize the self and light-up with joy. Self realization is liberation; The more you realize, the more you liberate. It is time now for us to awaken and make the earth a place full of twinkling stars.

We (@ridethroughthoughts) are new to blogging and have just shared a few of our thoughts and beliefs. In the time of virus, when there is chaos all around, the aim of this article was to make readers realize the self and find peace within. Hope it elevates your thoughts!
Did you find it useful? Was the article helpful?
Let us know in the comments and help us improve.
Also, if you relate to it and felt calm while reading please do share the link. Thank you!


The Holy Swan!

Hey all,
Today we wish to share a short poetry. It includes virtues of a Swan and what we as humans can learn from them. Hope you all will like it.

Purity in thoughts, words and deeds,
Serenity and calmness is all that the mind needs.
White being the color of Peace,
The Swan makes the moment cease!

Embodiment of Love and Devotion,
Our relations require more satisfaction.
Is my heart honest and clean,
Or there lies dust in between!

Possessing the powers of recognition and discernment,
For that is to decide the level of contentment.
Putting aside the pebbles of defects,
Am to pick the pearls of goodness!

Patience, energy and protection,
Preparing the self for beautiful transformation.
Ripple causing movements in water,
Negative Karma ought to alter!

Cooperation, grace and beauty,
Am to imbibe the power of fidelity.
These virtues are for me to adorn,
Only then will I become a Holy Swan!

Do share your thoughts!


Lotus in the Pond!

Sun was about to set, after wrapping up his daily assignment, George decided to leave a little early. His stress made him tired and frustrated. He drove the car to the pond on the outskirts of the city only to get a better view of the spectacular sunset and to release his stress.

He sat on the grass, gazing at the tranquil and gorgeous sun. The birds were melodiously chirping. The sky was slowly turning crimson as the sun neared the horizon.
A man with a long beard and cowboy hat arrived and sat next to George. George greeted the man and asked him whether the brilliantly red and orange sky released his stress too? The man nodded and replied, “I am here for something more!”

Their dialogue:
George: What else are you here for?

Man: Didn’t you notice the charming pink lotus in the pond?

George: I did, but it is all in the mud! What is so special about it? You are here for the lotus! (jokingly)

Man: I am here not only to release my stress and feel good only for the moment but also to admire the rosiest lotus closely. I am here to take its traits along so that I feel good always. I wish to become like the magnificent Lotus.

George: What? How can you become a Lotus?

Man: If you observe closely, It is not all in the mud! It is held by its roots in the mud while the loveful, fragrant flower blooms above the dirty water. It never allows the dirt to settle over and spoil its beauty.

George: That is so natural, right? Nothing special!

Man: We humans also often come across a negative environment. Sometimes at work, when a few colleagues intend to pull us back or sometimes at home when things are not our way!

George: Hold On! That is so true! Many times I feel like smashing things in anger. I do get influenced by people and sometimes it is their negativity attacking me. How do I cope with it? (curiously)

Man: That is what I am here for. I am here to remind myself that I am like the ecstatic, genuine Lotus flower. Detached from the negativity outside, I am pure and blissful. I will look at people, respect them as human beings and individuals. I have to understand their point of view. I will not let myself be moved from my position of inner stability. The divine Lotus flower gives me a lot of inspiration, you see!

George: Wow! Highly elevating! Lotus is also considered a symbol of purity and spiritual enlightenment. It is most emblematic of the faith within ourselves.

Man: That is because the beautiful flower has a fascinating will to live. I believe its characteristics are something that we humans should embrace in our lives. My dear friend, be like a Lotus flower!

George: Thank you! I feel much more relieved and relaxed! I am gonna practice it for sure.

Be like a Lotus flower.
Do share your thoughts.
Thank you and keep blooming!


The Dazzling Diamond!💎

It is difficult, right? Difficult and tough to handle daily stress and worries. Complex and hard to understand and adjust with people. It is not easy to gather tolerance for the suddenly arose situation. And all this is strenuous to the mind, isn’t it? Do you feel broken at times? Do you feel life hits you hard sometimes? If yes, then keep reading!🙂

What if someone says, everything that you are going through is not to bother or punish you but to carve you? Yess! Yes, you are a hidden diamond in charcoal and all this is just to make you shine brighter.
The stress you encounter is only a process of giving you an elegant design. The pain you feel is to fill you with strong emotional resilience. It is for you to endure with great fortitude. The problems you face are to sharpen your edges so that you stand firm, fearless and invincible.

The twists and turns you experience are for you to reflect brighter and to aid enlightenment. If you feel betrayed or deceived just remember, that the cut of a diamond is extremely important because it decides the diamond’s reflection level. If you feel you are being filtered remember, that it is to bring clarity to your mind and that will make you ingenious.

The next time when you feel low, remind yourself that you are a precious pearl, rare and beautiful. You are divine, pure, and innocent. Let your nature be crystal clear. Keep encouraging the aspect of truth and trust. Don’t forget that you possess the brilliance of a Diamond. Shine and Sparkle.

The fire of the diamond of true identity is always there; it just needs the Master’s crafting to reveal it.

Kenneth G. Mills

And God is crafting us well! Do share your thoughts.
Thank you and Keep Shining🌟


Twinkle or Wrinkle?

It dawned a pleasant, overcast day. Birds were cheerfully chirping while Susan opened the window allowing in a cool, fragrant, morning breeze. When she looked out, she noticed a new small tent shop at the corner of the street. The florist there was busy arranging the flowers. But she noticed something different on the florist’s face. The florist was an old lady and was smiling blissfully while doing her work.

Susan immediately received a message that her request for a new bicycle could not be processed and hence cannot be delivered. She went towards the window and sat there depressed. The florist there again caught Susan’s attention. This time there was a customer and the old lady was beaming and happily giving flowers to the customer. It felt as if she was blessing the customer and wished him a good day.

Immediately there was a sudden downpour of rain. Till the time Susan reached her balcony, all the dried clothes got rained on. She felt annoyed and irritated. The old lady was sheltering her flowers but she didn’t stop twinkling. Susan gazed at the old lady and felt as if she was beaming with delight.

Susan received a phone call from her manager complaining about the work not completed. This aggravated Susan’s temper and she got even more frustrated. While down on the street, a stray dog was tampering with the tent. The florist lovingly gave food to the dog and continued to smile.

Little situations bothered Susan a lot and she got angry. But, looking at the old day, Susan’s mind started questioning and thinking as to how can the old lady be so calm, patient, happy, and glee all the time? Susan took an umbrella and went to meet the old lady. As she went closer, Susan noticed the old lady was very beautiful and had pretty eyes too.
Their dialogue :

Susan: Hello! Is it the first day of your shop?

Florist: No. It was in the lane next to this one. There is some construction going on and so I had to shift.

Susan: Isn’t there anyone else in your family who can earn?

Florist: No. I live with my grandson and he is too young to earn.

Susan: I am looking at you for 3 hours now, how are you so twinkling? I mean what makes you smile?

Florist: Oh! Young Lady! (with a Laugh) Smile is not dependent on anything. If there is contentment within, your smile becomes natural. Isn’t it?

Susan: But the situations of life, the people? They create a mess and make you sad and worried. Don’t they? Don’t they bother you?

Florist: Over the years, I have learned that people or situations will not always be in my favor. I can’t control them. I decide for myself. No matter what, I choose to be happy!

Susan: Is that the secret behind your beauty? (With a smile)

Florist: Aahh!! (With a chuckle) Learn to live life your way. If you worry a lot you do get wrinkles. My dear either you can twinkle or have a wrinkle! (Laugh)

Be Happy, no matter what.
Do share your thoughts.


Forgive and Forget!

Until when! Until when are we going to hold on our grudges, grievances, anger, and bitterness? Until when are we going to remain trapped in the cage of waste and heavy feelings? They are only taking away our happiness from us and though subtle but generating anger within. Until when are we going to hold on? After all, whatever happened is over and is gone. Maybe at that moment circumstances were different, maybe people didn’t mean it the way I took it, or maybe situations were created intentionally. But all of that is done then why hold on?

The time is now, the day is new, new me, new you, elevated thoughts, pure feelings, but wait, is the mind quiet? Maybe not! Because somewhere down we’ve gripped heavy feelings tightly. Every now and then these feelings peep out and disturb the mind. They probably do not allow the mind to experience tranquility. Isn’t it?

It is time now, to sit with yourself and take charge of the life. Radiating thoughts full of forgiveness to all those who have betrayed or deceived us somewhere in the past.
It is time now to let yourself go free and experience real freedom. Freedom of thoughts, freedom from waste and negative, and most importantly freedom from anger. Forgiving not only because it is important but it is Peace of Mind that will follow.

Forgiving not with a heavy heart, nor with hatred but forgiving with love. Forgiving with a thought that ‘No problem, it happens’! Let’s put a full stop forever on what has passed and remind the self that the present is more important. People and relations are more important than holding on. This will gradually bring harmony within and will help eventually to forget. This will open gates for new opportunities and will add beautiful colors to Life. The experience is such that someone from somewhere has opened the cage doors making the self breathe in fresh and enjoy the moment called,Today’!

Let yourself go free!!!
How do you feel or experience?
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Thank you!


The Reflective Art of Rajyoga Meditation with easy steps to practice! (Video embedded)

In the world, the atmosphere today is increasingly heavy. Circumstances are such that we at times feel, there is something not quite right or maybe a lot there is not right. Considering things on the personal front, professional balance, social presence, or maybe when it comes to maintaining relations. I believe we often experience a lack of satisfaction. In our modern world, the pace of life is growing faster and we are losing touch with our true inner peace and power. When we no longer feel grounded, we can experience ourselves pushed and pulled in many different directions. Though subtle, there is a sort of desire to seek the truth.

Maybe it is time now to take a break, maybe time wants us to retake, maybe we now need to build up our emotional strength and resilience, maybe we need to rethink, or maybe it is time to make a move! But the question is HOW?

Today many are talking about yoga and meditation. The yoga asanas or physical exercises are for the body. They help relax and keep the body healthy. But I believe the mind needs something else to ease and unwind. The yoga that we’re going to discuss is not physical. It is spiritual or maybe psychological and is for our emotional well-being.

Rajyoga meditation is all about knowing the self, making a connection with the self and the divine, and utilizing the outcomes in our day-to-day life. It is a journey inwards.

Many believe that meditation is a stage where the mind becomes thoughtless. But in my opinion that is difficult to start with.
Imagine a vehicle is running at a speed of 100 km/hr on a busy traffic road and it suddenly needs to be stopped. Brakes are applied with all the power. What happens next? The vehicle will end up bumping into something. Correct?
Similar is the mind. It is on continuous running mode, active even when we go off to sleep. And then when forceful brakes are applied, the mind starts suppressing thoughts, and that in return causes frustration, disturbance, lack of attention and affects physical and emotional health.

There is a deep connection between consciousness, attitude, and vision. Whatever is in your attitude will be reflected in your vision and whatever is in your thoughts will come out through your words. I believe it is not possible to say something without thinking!

Rajyoga meditation is about giving a direction to thoughts. Instead of forcing the mind to stop thinking, we can start by replacing thoughts. Replacing the waste and negative thoughts with positive and optimistic affirmations.
I believe meditation is a state of being in a place just beyond everyday consciousness, which is where emotional empowerment begins. It is the time taken for quiet reflections and silence away from the hustle and bustle of daily living.

Let’s get going

Step I: Knowing the Self!
There is a search for the answer to the question ‘Who am I?’. People answer it by mentioning their name, some refer to the body or there are various other answers! We have discussed it in our article named Stars twinkle on earth too! that we are souls wrapped in skin. It is the soul that controls the body. The soul resides at the center of the forehead between the eyebrows.

Step II: Knowing the nature of the soul and sticking to the essence of one’s own qualities!
Each and every individual we meet is a soul first and then the body. Every soul is naturally, originally peaceful, blissful, pure, and powerful. The essence of one’s own qualities is magical and it enriches the being. Once we practice being in this stage, we gradually start discovering our true selves.

Step III: To become a detached observer!
Gradually, after realizing and focusing on the true self, things happening outside do not disturb the mind anymore. Mind sort of starts experiencing the tranquility and inner calm. And eventually, we start enjoying this state of silence and become a detached observer.

Step IV: Connecting to the divine!
We souls are like uncharged batteries or maybe like depleted sources of energy. To recharge ourselves we need to connect ourselves to the powerhouse i.e. Supreme Soul. Connecting to the supreme divinity is easy and serene. I being a point of light, the soul, my father above is also a point of light, the Supreme soul.
The difference is he is full of powers, full of light, full of bliss, full of calm, he is full of everything I need. His remembrance in true form is nothing but a connection with him. This remembrance brings along God’s pure love, power, and immense peace.

Step V: Using the received powers in every deed!
To consistently remain blissful or for a successful deed, we have to be able to use divine powers while in our daily life. This comes with practice. Gradually the mind starts accepting and it naturally goes in the state of remembrance of who you are and what powers lie within you. This state of remembrance brings the change and radiates positivity and bliss around.

Experiences in short:
We at Ride Through Thoughts have been practicing Rajyoga Meditation and it has beautiful effects. From personal experience, Rajyoga Meditation makes me feel that there is true magic within. It has helped me unveil my true self and made me feel the essence of true consciousness. While bringing the energies into action brought a change in my life the daily practice uplifted me. Positive affirmations have elevated me and motivated me to be more creative and efficiently utilize inner skills. Rajyoga meditation helps in maintaining calm even when situations are tough. It eventually has changed my perception and has made me realize that nothing in the outer world can disturb my inner peace without my permission. Ending it with a hope that you’ll learn too after all ‘You are special and it all starts with YOU’!

We have embedded a video ( @ridethroughthoughts creation) for ease of understanding and it also includes a Just-a-minute meditation commentary. Do watch, like, comment, subscribe, and share.
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Also, share your opinions on meditation and if you are already practicing do share your experiences in the comments.
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Rajyoga Meditation – Ride Through Thoughts


Solitude is Bliss!

It is good to spend time with people. One can learn new things when surrounded by interesting people. But too much of being around people might be a bad thing.
At times, being alone and enjoying silence is also important.
Solitude is an essential component of our health and well-being. It helps to know oneself better. It soothes, rejuvenates, and energizes the self.

“Without great solitude, no serious work is possible.”
-Pablo Picasso

Authors, artists, and musicians seek solitude when they wish to create something new. Solitude brings innovative ideas and also enhances skills. It boosts creativity and efficiency.
Solitude is nothing but spending a few moments with yourself and taking a sip of life your way. It is a ride with the self on a bicycle of thoughts. It helps one in making choices and decisions. It has all the answers. Solitude takes one away from negative and waste thoughts and directs to productive thoughts.

More than anything else, solitude brings deep peace and tranquility. It helps in taking charge of life, giving a direction to life, and painting the days of life! Solitude is bliss, it is strength, and it enriches the being. Solitude allows you to hold a painting brush and make life as colorful as you can.
We can experience real solitude by sitting under the stars or with the plants, looking at the rising sun or the setting one, enjoying the rain with a cup of tea or sitting by the window, looking at the chirpy birds, or standing on the porch, or simply being on the living room couch. Ultimately your thoughts matter. They should be lively, elevating, and dipped in peace.
I wish to mention that there is a difference between solitude and loneliness. Though not taking this in detail but loneliness is a negative state whereas solitude is a positive one.

We’ve attached a short video commentary (@ridethroughthoughts creation) for experiencing peace in solitude.
Do listen and take a step towards a calm and blissful life.

Experience Peace in Solitude – Commentary

एक रहस्यमय ड्रामा

यूँ ही जब हाथ में चाय का कप लिए, खिड़की के फलक पर पड़ रही बारिश की बूंदों को देखते-देखते नज़र आँगन में रखे पौधों पर पडी, तब अचानक फ़ोन की घंटी बजी और परेशान आवाज़ में एक दोस्त ने कहा कि, “मैं ही क्यूँ ?, हमेशा मेरे साथ ही ऐसा क्यों होता है?, हमेशा मुझे ही क्यूँ सहन करना पड़ता है?, वे गलत हैं और मैं सही हूँ |” मैंने आराम से पूछा की हुआ क्या? विस्तार से जानने पर पता लगा की ज़रा सी किसी बात पर उसकी किसीके साथ अनबन हो गयी थी | काफी देर बात करने के बाद जब उसने फ़ोन रखा, तब हमारे मन में भी यह विचार चला की यह सवाल हम अपने आप से भी तो कई बार पूछते हैं कि ‘मैं ही क्यूँ ?’ | यह सवाल मन को भारी करता है और अपने साथ कई ऐसे मन को भारी करने वाले विचार ले आता है और हमें असहाय बना देता है | कई बार हमारे सम्बन्ध भी बिगाड़ सकता है |

” यूँ ही एक छोटी सी बात पे,
ताल्लुक़ात पुराने बिगड़ गए,
मुद्दा ये था कि सही “क्या” है?
और वो सही “कौन” पर उलझ गए |”

हमने सोचा इस सवाल का जवाब मन को एक अलग तरीके से दिया जाए | इसे एक अलग नज़रिये से देखा जाए | ऐसे विचार मन को दिए जाए जिससे वो हल्का हो जाए | यह जो निरंतर गोल घूमने वाली पृथ्वी है, इसे एक बड़ी स्टेज मान लिया जाये | जिसमे जीवन रूपी ड्रामा (नाटक) चल रहा है | यहाँ रहने वाला हर इंसान इस ड्रामा में एक्टर है | हर एक का अपना अलग किरदार (पार्ट) है | किसी एक इंसान का पार्ट या आचरण किसी दूसरे से मिल नहीं सकता | क्यूँकि इस ड्रामा का हर किरदार विचित्र है और उसे निभाने वाला इंसान भी अनोखा, विशेष और अद्वितीय है | ड्रामा की हर सीन भी अलग है | एक सेकंड भी दूसरे से मिल नहीं सकता | एक ही परिस्तिथि को देखने का सबका अपना अलग नजरिया है | यहाँ कोई गलत नहीं, बस एक दो से अलग है |
उदाहरण के तौर पर, जब हम टिकट खरीद कर कोई सिनेमा शो देखने जाते है और उसमे जब हीरो को अचानक बंदूक की गोली लगती है, तब हमे भले थोड़ा बुरा लगता है, परंतु हम अंदर से तो जानते हैं कि यह सिर्फ एक खेल है, नाटक है और हीरो वास्तव में बिल्कुल ठीक है | उस समय क्या हम खलनायक के या हीरो के किरदार के बीच में दखल देते है? क्या हम उन्हें कहते है कि आप गलत है? नहीं | हम यही सोचते है कि उनका उस खेल में ऐसा रोल है | इसी प्रकार, हमारे सामने जब किसी तरह की परिस्तिथियाँ (किसी व्यक्ति विशेष से) आती है, तब असहाय या किसीको गलत कहने की बजाय क्या हम अपने मन को यह नहीं समझा सकते कि इस जीवन रूपी ड्रामा में इनका ऐसा पार्ट है | इनकी अपनी अलग राय है | यह हमसे अलग ज़रूर है परंतु गलत नहीं है |

इस ड्रामा के कई रहस्य हैं | जैसेकि हम किसी के भी किरदार को बदल नहीं सकते | हाँ, हम अपनी विचारधारा ज़रूर सामने रख सकते है परंतु हमारे अनुसार चलने के लिए किसी पर भी दबाव नहीं डाल सकते | चाहे फिर वो हमारे सगे सम्बन्धी हों, रिश्तेदार हों या मित्र हों | यह ड्रामा एक्यूरेट (accurate) है | ड्रामा करेक्ट (correct) है | इसमें फेर बदल नहीं हो सकती | और यह कल्याणकारी है | जितना जल्दी हम यह स्वीकार कर लेंगे उतना जल्दी हम औरों को भी स्वीकार कर पाएंगे | जिस प्रकार एक सर्कस के शो का हम मज़ा लेते है, वो हमे मनोरंजक लगता है, कुछ सिखाता भी है | उसी प्रकार यह जीवन रूपी ड्रामा भी मनोरंजक है | इसकी एक-एक सीन का आनंद हमे लेना है | हर एक सीन मानो हमे हँसाने, सिखाने और कुछ समझाने आयी है | हम हमेशा से सुनते आये ही है की ‘जो होता है अच्छे के लिए ही होता है’ | मन में उठी क्यों, क्या की लम्बी कतार को इससे रोका जा सकता है |


एक लोकप्रिय गीत का ऑडियो इस लेख के साथ अटैच किया गया है, जिसमे बड़े मनभावन तरीके से ज़िन्दगी से बात की गयी है | बड़े प्यार और आराम से ज़िन्दगी की हथेली पर अपना नाम लेखक लिख रहे है | अपना नाम ज़िन्दगी के नाम से तब जुड़ सकता है जब हम ड्रामा में अपनी भूमिका को महत्व दें | दूसरे क्या कर्म करते हैं, कैसे करते है इसे छोड़कर, हमारा ध्यान अपनी तरफ रहे | हमारा पार्ट इस ड्रामा में एक विनीत उपस्तिथि (gracious presence) का काम करे | जैसे कई बार किसी नाटक का विशेष कोई किरदार दर्शकों पर अपनी छाप छोड़ देता है, उसी प्रकार हमारा रोल इतना शानदार हो कि जो औरों पर प्रभाव डाले |
जीवन रूपी ड्रामा की एक महत्वपूर्ण विशेषता यह भी है कि मुझे मेरा किरदार कैसा बनाना है, वो लिखने की कलम मेरे हाथ में है | हम अपने लिए हर सीन जितनी सुंदर बनाना चाहे, बना सकते है | इस ड्रामा में अपने पार्ट का और केवल अपने ही पार्ट का निर्देशक (director), लेखक (writer) और अभिनेता (actor) मैं खुद हूँ | गीत में जिन पत्रों को पढ़ने की बात है, वे तो शायद लोगों का या परिस्तिथियों का आना जाना होगा, जो पहले से ही निश्चित है, जिन्हे हम बदल नहीं सकते | परंतु जिन कोरे पन्नों की बात है, उनपर हम अपनी भूमिका को बेहतरीन प्रस्तुति देने वाले सीन्स लिख सकते हैं | और जब ड्रामा में अपना पार्ट खुद ही को लिखने का अवसर मिले तो क्यों न इसे ऐसे लिखा जाए जैसे किसी हीरो का पार्ट हो | हम इस ड्रामा के हीरो एक्टर बन जाए |
कई बार एक अदभुत नाटक खतम होने पर दर्शक वन्स मोर, वन्स मोर, वन्स मोर कहते है या उत्साह पूर्वक तरीके से तालियाँ बजाकर अभिनेताओं का स्वागत करते है, उमंग बढ़ाते है | हमारा रोल भी इस जीवन रूपी नाटक (ड्रामा) में ऐसा हो जो बार बार देखने का मन करे, अन्य लोग भी हमारा अभिनय देखकर तालियाँ बजा उठे |

अपनी ज़िंदगी को भी एक सुनियोजित ड्रामा के रूप में देखे, तो आने वाली परिस्तिथियाँ खेल की तरह अनुभव होंगी और लोगो के प्रति भी आदर, सम्मान बड़ेगा और मन सदा हल्का और ख़ुशनुमा रहेगा |

अगर आपको यह आर्टिकल पसंद आया तो हमे कॉमेंट्स में ज़रूर बताये | और इस लिंक को शेयर ज़रूर करें |
To read the concise and english translation (Happy all the Time!) of the above post, click here.