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Lotus in the Pond!

Sun was about to set, after wrapping up his daily assignment, George decided to leave a little early. His stress made him tired and frustrated. He drove the car to the pond on the outskirts of the city only to get a better view of the spectacular sunset and to release his stress.

He sat on the grass, gazing at the tranquil and gorgeous sun. The birds were melodiously chirping. The sky was slowly turning crimson as the sun neared the horizon.
A man with a long beard and cowboy hat arrived and sat next to George. George greeted the man and asked him whether the brilliantly red and orange sky released his stress too? The man nodded and replied, “I am here for something more!”

Their dialogue:
George: What else are you here for?

Man: Didn’t you notice the charming pink lotus in the pond?

George: I did, but it is all in the mud! What is so special about it? You are here for the lotus! (jokingly)

Man: I am here not only to release my stress and feel good only for the moment but also to admire the rosiest lotus closely. I am here to take its traits along so that I feel good always. I wish to become like the magnificent Lotus.

George: What? How can you become a Lotus?

Man: If you observe closely, It is not all in the mud! It is held by its roots in the mud while the loveful, fragrant flower blooms above the dirty water. It never allows the dirt to settle over and spoil its beauty.

George: That is so natural, right? Nothing special!

Man: We humans also often come across a negative environment. Sometimes at work, when a few colleagues intend to pull us back or sometimes at home when things are not our way!

George: Hold On! That is so true! Many times I feel like smashing things in anger. I do get influenced by people and sometimes it is their negativity attacking me. How do I cope with it? (curiously)

Man: That is what I am here for. I am here to remind myself that I am like the ecstatic, genuine Lotus flower. Detached from the negativity outside, I am pure and blissful. I will look at people, respect them as human beings and individuals. I have to understand their point of view. I will not let myself be moved from my position of inner stability. The divine Lotus flower gives me a lot of inspiration, you see!

George: Wow! Highly elevating! Lotus is also considered a symbol of purity and spiritual enlightenment. It is most emblematic of the faith within ourselves.

Man: That is because the beautiful flower has a fascinating will to live. I believe its characteristics are something that we humans should embrace in our lives. My dear friend, be like a Lotus flower!

George: Thank you! I feel much more relieved and relaxed! I am gonna practice it for sure.

Be like a Lotus flower.
Do share your thoughts.
Thank you and keep blooming!

27 thoughts on “Lotus in the Pond!

  1. Beautiful post and great reminder. Bloom where your planted right? Everything β€œout there” doesn’t need to be beautiful in order for us to be beautiful β€œin here”.

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  2. The lotus flower offers many valuable lessons. I like how they thrive in the mud yet don’t get spoilt as you’ve explained so beautifully on detaching ourselves from negativity. Thanks for sharing

    Liked by 1 person

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